Poltical Correctness

Canadian activists seek to change names of 'racist' and 'sexist' mountains

The names of several hiking trails in Alberta are being looked into as some members of Alberta's climbing community want them to be changed.

Quinn Patrick

Hulu pulls 'racist' 'Golden Girls' episode featuring characters wearing mud masks

Hulu has removed an episode of "The Golden Girls" in which characters wear mud face masks. The episode is called “Mixed Feelings,” and it's been removed due to concerns over racism.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

The social justice cult is falling apart as the world faces a real crisis

With lives truly at risk from a global pandemic, social justice activists are practically jealous of the attention coronavirus is getting.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Marvel goes full social justice with Snowflake and Safespace characters

Marvel is completely dripping with soy. The woke comic book publisher is now doubling down with its foray into social justice.

Ian Miles Cheong

Christian rapper Zuby suspended from Twitter for saying ‘ok dude’

Christian rapper Zuby was suspended from Twitter for tweeting “ok dude.” The charge was misgendering, and it was levelled by a “pronoun enforcer.”

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Female prisoner claims she was raped by transgender inmate, sues prison

A female inmate in Illinois is suing a prison after alleging they attempted to cover up her sexual assault by a transgender inmate that was housed with her.

Anna Slatz

The Guardian hates when we mock the woke—let’s keep doing it

Guardian writer, Steve Rose, attacked actor Laurence Fox for—you guessed it, unwokeness. Making fun of the woke zombies is working. Let’s keep doing it.

Ian Miles Cheong

New York Times book reviewer shames herself for enjoying cultural appropriation

A New York Times book reviewer called herself out as unqualified to review the book she was reviewing, and then said the author shouldn’t have written it.

Libby Emmons

The ‘anti-diet’ movement is anti-scientific madness

No, being overweight is not “beautiful,” “woke” or “cool.” It’s unhealthy and dangerous.

Brad Polumbo

The ‘non-binary homosexuality’ trend erases gay people

You can’t be a non-binary homosexual. The very essence of such an identity is contradictory, and it erases the actual experience of gay people.

Brad Polumbo

UBC cancels Andy Ngo talk on antifa violence due to violent threats from antifa

Journalist Andy Ngo’s talk has been cancelled at UBC due to safety concerns. Lawyers have issued a legal letter demanding the event be reinstated.

Diana Davison

Sacha Baron Cohen would not survive his own Facebook reforms

The truth is Cohen’s own work would not survive the censorious cull he is calling for. It would be removed for reasons of “hate speech.”

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Girl jokes about being ‘whitest person ever’ after winning Indigenous scholarship, faces outrage

Social media users expressed outrage this past week after seeing what appeared to be a young white student getting a scholarship intended for Indigenous youth.

Anna Slatz

Hannah Gadsby thinks women are weak, so men should be too

It’s a blatantly sexist statement. But Gadsby’s words will be celebrated though because they also happen to be bitter and anti-men.

Celine Ryan

Blogger mom thinks her teens’ counterculture is white supremacy

In an epic Twitter thread, a blogger mom ranted about the problem with what white, teen boys like on the internet.

Libby Emmons