YouPorn offers to fund glory holes across BC for COVID safety

In response to the sex tip, YouPorn sent a letter to the aptly named BC Health Minister Adrian Dix offering to build glory holes across the province.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Cosmo offers choking as a sexy way to relieve boredom of quarantine

“Breath play,” otherwise known as “depriving your partner of oxygen during sex,” has led to death by asphyxiation, strangulation, and choking injuries.

Libby Emmons

Trump is right to deny pandemic payouts to porn

Trump was right to ban the porn industry from receiving a portion of the $2 trillion in federal aid to offset losses from the coronavirus pandemic.

Collin Jones

Pornhub facilitates the abuse of underage girls

Pornhub doesn’t properly vet porn posted to its platform, resulting in videos of underage girls being sexually assaulted posted to the site.

Anna Slatz

Coronavirus not all bad: cruise-ship passengers get free porn while quarantined

A cruise-ship that has been stuck at sea after they were passengers discovered to have coronavirus is getting a little help from an adult website.

Quinn Patrick

Australian youth are having way less sex than their parents

Young people are not having sex nearly as often as their parents in Australia. Pornography and social media are major factors.

Sam Edwards