Portland Protests

WATCH: Democratic senators deny existence of Antifa violence, but Andy Ngo brings receipts

After more than two months of unrest and drastic crime increases in America's major cities, witnesses were called before Senate to discuss what's actually happening.

Libby Emmons

Portland mayor gaslights city as Antifa violence continues

Portland Mayor Wheeler announced plans for community action to end the violence in that city, while Antifa militants targeted the Portland Police Bureau's Penumbra Kelly Building.

Libby Emmons

WATCH: BLM mob beats up Portland man in broad daylight

Video has emerged of a man being beaten up by agitators downtown Portland. In what appears to be full daylight, a crowd of men and women approach another man and pummel him.

James Anthony

Portland clamps down on restaurants over COVID sanitary concerns but allows 'BLM Ribs' to operate in filth

The food service at the protest locations downtown are allowed to operate despite their being in direct violation of both restrictions imposed to limit coronavirus spread and the basic guidelines from the Oregon Health Authority.

Libby Emmons

ACLU obtains restraining order against police live streaming riots in reversal of 2017 recommendations

Judge Bushong issued a restraining order Thursday at the behest of the ACLU against the Portland police live-streaming videos of protesters and rioters.

Collin Jones

Left-wing journalist alerts Antifa to Andy Ngo's location, then they try to blind him with lasers

Alex Zielinski alerted Antifa militants to Andy Ngo's whereabouts during rioting in Portland where Ngo was reporting undercover.

Mia Cathell

Oregon Governor declares that federal agents are leaving Portland, gets quickly corrected by DHS and President Trump

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced that by Thursday, federal officers will be removed from Portland but President Trump and the DHS have said otherwise.

Sam Edwards

Antifa militant throws explosive device at courthouse while wearing vest grandma bought him for rioting

An Antifa rioter in Portland who threw an explosive device at the Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse has been identified thanks to an online review of the vest he was wearing, left by his grandmother.

Barrett Wilson

Witless Portland mayor tries to call a 'ceasefire' with America

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty are calling for an immediate meeting with DHS leadership and DHS Acting Secretary Chad Wolf.

Sam Edwards

Portland City Commissioner blames police for fires set during riots

Portland's City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty accused the police, not rioters who had set fires around government buildings, of sending in "saboteurs" amid the riots. Backlash from the police caused her to retract her baseless claim hours later with an apology.

Mia Cathell

Black Trump supporter stabbed by Antifa militant in Portland riot speaks out

Trump supporter and conservative videographer Drew Duncomb, who goes by the name Black Rebel on social media, was allegedly stabbed amid the Portland protests by Antifa militant and convicted pedophile Blake David Hampe.

Mia Cathell

Amy Siskind calls for the doxxing of federal agents and their families

Leftist activist and The Weekly List podcaster Amy Siskind called for the doxxing of federal agents making arrests in Portland and their family members on Friday.

Mia Cathell

Antifa stalks Marine vet who proudly waved American flag during Portland riot

Retired Marine Gabriel Johnson, 48, decided to respond to the demonstrators and rioters who have occupied the streets of Portland, Oregon for nearly two months by marching through the chaos with an American flag in tow.

Collin Jones

BLM photojournalist beaten and doxxed by Antifa for 'snitching' to Portland police

Antifa black bloc militants beat up pro-Black Lives Matter photographer Mason Lake, who was accused of communicating with Portland Police.

Mia Cathell

Leftists claim Portland police set their own building ablaze—but Antifa proudly admitted to the crime

Leftists claim that those who set the Portland Police Association building ablaze did it to frame Antifa. But Antifa has proudly admitted to committing the crime.

Mia Cathell