New questions raised in PPC riding association’s resignations in light of CPC allegedly hiring Kinsella to attack party

In the wake of the bombshell revelations that Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party of Canada hired Warren Kinsella to “seek and destroy” Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party, new questions have come to the surface about the July 2019 mass resignation of the Elmwood-Transcona PPC board.

Anna Slatz

WATCH: Yukon woodsman argues PPC supporters should jump ship for CPC, get over Kinsella story

A 40-year-old hunting guide, photographer and IT manager posted a monologue video on Twitter this weekend to respond to People's Party of Canada supporters angered by the news that political operative Warren Kinsella was hired by the CPC

Graeme Gordon

PPC candidate ousted for asking Maxime Bernier to denounce racism in the party

“I don’t want anything to do with that crap. If you can’t be adamantly clear about that, I don’t know how the hell you expect me to campaign for you. You’re putting the onus on me to show that we don’t do this,” said Misera.

Dylan Gibbons

PPC candidates shoot guns to decide who attends debate

The shootout will be recorded live on Facebook at 4 pm CT on Tuesday. Whoever has the higher score will be declared the winner, and will attend the debate.

Siddak Ahuja

“Say NO to Mass Immigration”: PPC denies knowledge of third-party pro-Maxime Bernier billboards across Canada

The People’s Party of Canada has told The Post Millennial they had no knowledge of several pro-Bernier billboards spotted across Canada.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

An entire PPC riding board resigns, blaming “racist” supporters

The board believes “racists, bigots, anti-semites, and conspiracy theorists,” have taken over the PPC supporter base.

Siddak Ahuja