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WATCH: Raheem Kassam slams 'Conservative Inc' in new video

Kassam has attacked "Conservative Inc" in his recent podcast, saying that "Conservatives across America need to guard their donations closely."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Kayleigh McEnany beats back bullies who call her 'indefensible and grotesque'

Much of the media no longer abides by the old mantra, "tell people what to think about" but instead just tells everybody "what to think and how to think it."

Nicole Russell Nicole Russell

BREAKING: Trump calls Michael Flynn innocent, Obama administration 'human scum'

President Trump tore into the administration of former President Barack Obama on Thursday after learning that the Justice Department had dropped its case against Flynn, calling them "human scum."

Collin Jones Collin Jones

BREAKING: Donald Trump's valet tests positive for coronavirus, possibly exposed president to illness

A Navy official who works as a valet for President Donald Trump has tested positive for coronavirus.

Sam Edwards Sam Edwards

Intelligence suggests China withheld data from the WHO in order to hoard medical supplies

US officials believe that much of China's coronavirus coverup was done as a means for the CCP to stock up on necessary medical supplies for their own virus fighting efforts.

Sam Edwards Sam Edwards

WHO claims coronavirus didn't originate in lab despite recent revelations

WHO said that the coronavirus was not lab made, but notes that they are still unsure of how the virus managed to spread from animals to humans.

Sam Edwards Sam Edwards

Doug Ford speaks out against Trump's suggestions to loosen the border

Premier Doug Ford is strongly disagreeing with President Trump’s indications that restrictions at the border between Canada and the U.S. could soon be loosened.

Sam Edwards Sam Edwards

President Trump says the World Health Organization 'blew it' in scathing tweet

US President Donald Trump slammed the World Health Organization Tuesday morning in a scathing tweet in which he accused the organization of being China-centric.

Barrett Wilson Barrett Wilson

CNN lost the trust of Americans when it refused to air the President live

CNN offered a protest in refusing to air Trump's press conference live, betraying both the public and journalistic integrity.

Chad Felix Greene Chad Felix Greene