Press Freedom

MacKay repeats censorious Trudeau talking point on media and free speech

MacKay’s most recent misstep was revealing his dangerous ambition to regulate Canada’s media.

Nico Johnson

Rebel News sues PMO over Question Period favouritism, blacklisting of reporters

A Federal Court application submitted by Rebel News says that they have attempted to submit questions to Trudeau twenty times over the phone, with all questions having been denied.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

News outlet OANN barred from coronavirus briefings by White House Correspondents Association

One America News Network was removed from White House coronavirus press briefings for what the White House Correspondents Association is calling a violation of social distancing policy. Many consider it censorship.

Libby Emmons

Hungary uses coronavirus pandemic to squash journalistic freedom

Hungary passed measures to deal with COVID-19 that includes prison terms for "misinformation" and permits Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to rule by decree.

Collin Jones

The call to stop airing Trump's press conferences is coming from inside the press

Outlets across the left leaning media have called for networks to stop broadcasting President Trump’s coronavirus press briefings, and for Americans to stop watching them.

Ari Hoffman

The Liberals’ dangerous attack on the free press must be challenged

The Trudeau government is attempting to curtail the freedom of the press by making all news outlets get government licences. This MUST be stopped.

Spencer Fernando

PMO staff use dodgy email practices to conduct business

Staff in Justin Trudeau’s Prime Minister’s Office decided to conduct governmental business using a private Gmail account.

Nico Johnson

Parliamentary Press Gallery has double standard on media “advocacy”

If Mr. Lafrance is correct in his assessment of True North and Rebel News, then these two media outlets would fit in well with many of the Press Gallery’s existing members, which advocate openly and actively for causes, perspectives and ideologies.

John Carpay

Trudeau campaign calls police on journalist they don’t like

The Prime Minister’s campaign team is now refusing to accredit certain journalists, and siccing the police after them when they attempt to do their job.

Ali Taghva