Erin O'Toole accuses Trudeau of trying to call an election during a crisis

Erin O'Toole accused Trudeau of trying to call an election during "a crisis" by preparing a fall speech from the throne.

Nico Johnson

Trudeau's panicked firing of Morneau and historic backtrack on prorogation are acts of desperation

The question at the top of mind for Canadians right now is "will he get away with it?"

Warren Steinley

Trudeau's self-serving corruption is not the leadership Canadians deserve

To use proroguing to stop investigations into one's ethical conduct is an outrageous abuse of executive power.

Damien C. Kurek

Trudeau says Canadians more focused on plan to address health crisis than on WE Charity scandal

All committees are unable to sit with prorogation in process. Trudeau said that Canadians were likely more focused on a "plan to address this crisis."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

HYPOCRISY: Unearthed tweet against prorogation shows Trudeau double-standard

The Trudeau government's decision to prorogue parliament in the middle of the WE scandal has raised some eyebrows.

Nico Johnson