Police shut down anti-Lockdown protest in London

Several protesters and at least one officer have been medically treated after a clash as officers attempted to shut down an anti-government London protest against Britain’s heavy-handed coronavirus restrictions.

Celine Ryan

Family of Seattle BLM protestor who got hit and killed by car sues the city

According to the family, the suit alleges that "in response to protests against police discrimination and brutality, the SPD chose to engage in discrimination and brutality."

Ari Hoffman

BREAKING: Climate activists block downtown Toronto streets with 'sit-in' for 'climate justice'

Protestors held a “sit-in” outside the Ministry of the Environment on Bay and Wellesley Street as part of the Global Day of Climate Action to demand climate justice and a “clean and just recovery” from COVID-19 that prioritizes climate solutions.

Beth Baisch

WATCH: BLM mob harass and threaten elderly couple dining at restaurant

While demonstrators near the restaurant screamed "Stand up fight back," militants took over an older couple's table.

Libby Emmons

Independent journalist assaulted and robbed by BLM mob in Austin

Antifa and Black Lives Matter demonstrators mobbed and robbed independent journalist Savanah Hernandez after demonstrators started chanting her name.

Collin Jones

WATCH: Milwaukee man mobbed by BLM activists—arrested for trying to defend his home

Activists in Milwaukee, Wisc. staged a protest at a neighbour's home on Monday, alleging that he was racist. Police were called when the man could be seen holding a gun, and the he was arrested.

Libby Emmons

BLM activists and Trump supporters clash in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia tonight, the Trump supporters and his haters are be facing off just steps from the birthplace of American democracy.

Libby Emmons

Protestors gather in Toronto to mourn death of wrestler at the hands of murderous Iranian regime

"We are here to call on Justin Trudeau: break your shameful silence. Leaders from all parts of the world condemn this brutal act, and Justin Trudeau is silent. It’s not acceptable," an organizer said.

Beth Baisch

De Blasio announces 'reinvented' Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade—mass protest can go on as usual

Claiming that the parade would be "reinvented," de Blasio said that large gatherings, such as parades, would still be on hold as of late November.

Libby Emmons

BLM rioters attack restaurant patrons—three police officers injured in Rochester NY

Protests broke out in Rochester this week over the death of Daniel Prude. Protestors disrupted traffic, injured officers, and harassed diners at an outdoor restaurant.

Libby Emmons

Coverage of Rittenhouse and Reinoehl proves the establishment media's left-wing bias

Ideological bias has led to a bizarre occurrence where no matter who is perpetrating violence or who it is perpetrated against, it is Trump who is to blame.

Libby Emmons

Australian police officer who signed warrant for pregnant 'anti-lockdown' mom had sexual relationship with informant lawyer

The police officer, who signed the search warrant to effectively arrest the pregnant Australian mother for a Facebook post allegedly organizing a lockdown protest, is the very same officer who used a lawyer as an informant on her own clients.

Sydney Watson and Mia Cathell

WATCH: Pregnant mom arrested in front of her kids for creating anti-lockdown Facebook event

The officers let her know that she is under arrest "in relation to incitement." "What on Earth? Excuse me, what on Earth?" Buhler asks, shocked, saying that she has "an ultrasound in an hour."

Libby Emmons

WATCH: Protestors take to the streets of Toronto to call for defunding of the police

"F*ck the police," and "Justice For Regis," could be heard from protestors at the Downsview march. These activists tried to prevent The Post Millennial from reporting on the event.

Beth Baisch

CNN health expert says mass protests are fine because racism is a bigger health crisis

Dr. Rob Davidson told CNN's Anderson Cooper today that he's concerned that those who attended the RNC will cause a spike in COVID-19 cases, but that protestors will not.

Libby Emmons