Journalists arrested and detained while covering Breonna Taylor riot in Louisville

Journalists Shelby Talcott, Jorge Ventura, and Drew Hernandez were arrested Wednesday evening during a Louisville riot that resulted in the shooting of two police officers.

Collin Jones

BLM protesters show up to Jeff Bezos' house—declare it's time to 'eat the rich'

A group of BLM activists brought their demonstration to the front door of Jeff Bezos' home in Medina, Wash. and proclaimed that it's time to "eat the rich."

Collin Jones

Missouri's AG will dismiss case brought against couple who defended their home from BLM mob

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt took to social media on Monday indicating that he intended to enter the case of Mark and Patricia McCloskey in an effort to have all charges against them dropped.

Collin Jones

BUSTED: Toronto mayor posts old photo of city to hide protestors' vandalism

Toronto Mayor John Tory has found himself in hot water after he posted a picture of a landmark that has since been vandalized by protestors.

Nico Johnson