Quarantine Act

Florida couple charged after failing to self-isolate in Canada

A Florida couple has been charged after they failed to self-isolate in northern Ontario for 14 days following their entry to Canada, say OPP.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau government extends Quarantine order to Aug. 31 for travellers entering Canada

The mandatory quarantine order has been extended by the federal government until August 31, for the majority of people entering Canada.

Sam Edwards

Air Canada to resume certain international flights next month

There will be 97 international and domestic locations offered by the company—down 220 from last year.

Sam Edwards

Police have now made nearly 2,200 home quarantine checks

There have been almost 2,200 home visits made by police officers make sure that people are following self-isolation rules when they return to the country.

Sam Edwards

RCMP sent to enforce Quarantine Act on 80-year-old cancer patient

An 80-year-old cancer patient in North Vancouver was visited by the RCMP to enforce quarantine. The officers were not wearing face masks despite her illness.

Collin Jones

There were 1,122 in-person quarantine checks made by Canadian police in April

Police performed home checks across Canada in April. They were conducted to ensure that people were not violating quarantine while under mandatory isolation.

Sam Edwards

Illegal immigration in Canada is near zero

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair noted that illegal border crossings, which have previously peeked at over 5,700 per month, have now dropped to zero.

Sam Edwards

Authoritarians are getting everything they want because of the coronavirus crisis

As we coordinate all of our efforts to fight this scourge, authoritarians rejoice at the measures being enacted to control populations and manage citizens.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

RCMP will be visiting your home to enforce quarantine, fines of up to $1 million possible

Officers warned that those who are found to “recklessly” flout orders could be issued a fine of $1 million, and receive a sentence of three years in prison.

Libby Emmons