Canadian man arrested and jailed after refusing to self-isolate

According to the director of prosecutions, John Diamond, Nsangira is accused of not doing the government mandated self-isolation upon his return from Rodd Brudenell River Resort.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Florida couple charged after failing to self-isolate in Canada

A Florida couple has been charged after they failed to self-isolate in northern Ontario for 14 days following their entry to Canada, say OPP.

Sam Edwards

Toronto may see isolation centres for COVID-19 cases

Dr. Eileen de Villa is recommending that Toronto implement a centre for people to self-isolate and quarantine on a volunteer basis.

Quinn Patrick

If only funerals were protests no one would have to grieve alone

Most of us were fine with locking down our children and any shred of mental health we had left. That is, until the protests started and they were praised by political officials.

Nicole Russell

Americans heading to Alaska and diverting in Banff told 'Now is not the time to visit'

Canadian border agents have been told to make sure they only allow essential travel following reports of Americans detouring to Banff en route to Alaska.

Sam Edwards

Dr. Tam warns of a second outbreak: 'It may only take one new case'

Dr. Theresa Tam warned Canadians that a second outbreak of COVID-19 is possible and could result from just a single new case.

Quinn Patrick

Visits to those suffering neglect in care homes must be allowed to resume

“My mom is calling every day asking why I don’t want to visit her anymore... She does not know what is going on, why she can’t leave, and why I cannot come and see her."

John Carpay

BREAKING: WHO says asymptomatic spread of coronavirus 'very rare'

After months of lockdown, quarantine, and self-isolation on the advice of the WHO, they now said that the spread of the virus from those who do not have symptoms is in fact very rare.

Libby Emmons

Post-COVID, Canadians must put politics aside and look at results

Hindsight may be 20-20 but it is important that we learn lessons from this public policy disaster. We cannot be lemmings, marching into the sea behind our "experts".

Georganne Burke

Ford's Ontario loses 64,500 jobs while unemployment in every other province declines

May has been a surprisingly positive month for Canada's economy—unless you are from Ontario, of course, which has managed to lose 64,500 jobs.

Nico Johnson

Protestors decided what leaders could not—the lockdown is over

The lockdown is over. Protestors decided what leaders could not. Either we need to stay in for the good of humanity, or we need to go out for that good, both things can't be true.

Libby Emmons

Time to open the economy or risk poverty and starvation

As we continue in idleness, the socio-economic resources we need to fight Covid-19, or any other foe, are being depleted and will soon enough be exhausted.

Herb Dunton

Nursing home deaths do not justify society's lockdowns

Using the excessive numbers of fatalities at nursing homes to justify the overly cautious behaviour of those who are at minimal risk is an insult to those who need our care most.

Libby Emmons

Canadians agree on the severity of the coronavirus and to the extent that China is to blame

The study found that there is a cross-partisan consensus among Canadians on the virus' severity and the necessity social-distancing measures.

Quinn Patrick

America’s churches provide the most essential service of all

Governors who locked down their states and imposed restrictions cared little for the right to religious freedom and callous disregard for their faithful constituents.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson