Time to open the economy or risk poverty and starvation

As we continue in idleness, the socio-economic resources we need to fight Covid-19, or any other foe, are being depleted and will soon enough be exhausted.

Herb Dunton Herb Dunton

Nursing home deaths do not justify society's lockdowns

Using the excessive numbers of fatalities at nursing homes to justify the overly cautious behaviour of those who are at minimal risk is an insult to those who need our care most.

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons

Canadians agree on the severity of the coronavirus and to the extent that China is to blame

The study found that there is a cross-partisan consensus among Canadians on the virus' severity and the necessity social-distancing measures.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

America’s churches provide the most essential service of all

Governors who locked down their states and imposed restrictions cared little for the right to religious freedom and callous disregard for their faithful constituents.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

BREAKING: Ford says Ontario businesses can refuse service to those who refuse to wear a face mask

Doug Ford spoke today and the emphasis was on the construction industry, contact tracing and reopening.

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons

Canadian woman denied right to attend mother's funeral due to coronavirus travel ban

Newfoundland and Labrador’s coronavirus travel ban is being challenged by a woman who claims she was stopped from travelling there for her mother's funeral.

Sam McGriskin Sam McGriskin

WATCH: Two Canadian professors call for heavy social distancing fines, increased authoritarianism

If social scientists like these had their way, we would be locked in our homes until a vaccine was developed and the country forcefully inoculated with it.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Police have now made nearly 2,200 home quarantine checks

There have been almost 2,200 home visits made by police officers make sure that people are following self-isolation rules when they return to the country.

Sam McGriskin Sam McGriskin

Over 100 million Chinese citizens forcibly quarantined over new outbreak fears

Two cities in China have been placed under new quarantine orders by Chinese officials in the northeast province of Jilin due to fears of a renewed outbreak.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Seven desserts you can order in Toronto right now

Here are a few dessert shops delivering everything from beautifully decadent crepes to insanely fluffy Japanese cheesecakes and creamy tarts in Toronto.

Loraine Balita-Centeno Loraine Balita-Centeno

Albertan women have become 'Wine Ninjas' to bring joy to friends and neighbours

The women of Alberta are taking to the streets to deliver wine in a stealthy manner and it's all to keep up the spirits of Albertans amid the pandemic.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

NY governor extends stay-at-home order while 3,500 line up at food bank

Governor Cuomo used an executive order to extend Parts of New York State’s stay-at-home-order. The extension was made late on Thursday night.

Sam McGriskin Sam McGriskin

There were 1,122 in-person quarantine checks made by Canadian police in April

Police performed home checks across Canada in April. They were conducted to ensure that people were not violating quarantine while under mandatory isolation.

Sam McGriskin Sam McGriskin

Why I will not comply with business shutdown orders

For operating, I was reported and received a shutdown notice. It's impossible to contact the governor's office, so here is my response: I will not comply.

Ari Hoffman Ari Hoffman

Parents find no reprieve in partial reopening

The lag in reopening society takes a greater toll on parents, who find that mixing homeschooling, work and restrictions takes a drastic mental health toll.

Julian Vigo Julian Vigo