Quebec contractor that was given $382 MILLION by Trudeau has failed to ship any masks so far

The government awarded this contract to Medicom—a Montreal-based company who do not have any factories in Canada.

Nico Johnson

Could there be a constitutional right to drink in parks?

Vancouver could soon become the first major Canadian city outside of Quebec to allow drinking in public parks.

Josh Dehaas

Canadian university students launch petition to get prof removed for saying book title with N-word in it

Professor Catherine Russell apparently named the book twice in one class, and for this, students from the Concordia Film Studies department have launched a petition to condemn Russell.

Libby Emmons

Trudeau government awards Quebec company with no Canadian factories 10-year $133 MILLION PPE deal

A Quebec company has landed a $133,486,868 sole-sourced federal deal to manufacture pandemic masks despite not having a factory in Canada

Sam Edwards

Environmentalist Montreal mayor forbids downtown traffic, then wonders why nobody is downtown

The mayor, who in the past has declared herself an environmentalist, has once again clogged up the streets and pushed people away. Could these new measures be a Trojan horse to push through those kind of policies?

Joe Vaughan

Making face masks mandatory is not backed by science or law

Government policies are still based on the panic of March, rather than on the facts known in July.

John Carpay

Six-year-old Montreal girl stabbed multiple times and in critical condition

A six-year-old girl is in critical condition after she was stabbed multiple times in Montreal’s east end.

Sam Edwards

WATCH: Montreal police tackle and arrest man in Tim Hortons for not wearing a mask

On Saturday afternoon, a man who refused to wear a mask was tackled to the ground and arrested by police in a Montreal Tim Hortons.

Barrett Wilson

Premier Legault says Quebec bars may close after spike in coronavirus cases

After Quebec reported its highest number of single-day cases since June, Legault on Thursday expressed his concern and is looking into closing the province’s bars.

Sam Edwards

BREAKING: Bloc Quebecois leader denies allegations of sexual assault

The Bloc Quebecois leader Yves-François Blanchet has denied allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman in the 1990s.

Nico Johnson

Quebec man charged with advocating for genocide against Muslims, death of Trudeau

"For the first time in Quebec, an RCMP investigation has led to charges of advocating genocide being laid against a Boucherville resident," the statement reads.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Face masks to be mandatory in Quebec's indoor venues after concern over coronavirus surge

Quebec Premier François Legault is set to announce today that face masks will be mandatory in all of the province's indoor venues starting July 18.

Collin Jones

'Wine Ninjas' strike again—this time in Quebec's Eastern Townships

A group of women in the Quebec's Eastern Townships have been breaking some social distancing measures in order to deliver wine to their friends, incognito.

Quinn Patrick

Three children killed, others injured in tractor accident south of Montreal

A tractor accident took place on Wednesday, killing three children and injuring three more in a town south of Montreal.

Sam Edwards

Quebec restaurants charging illegal 'COVID fees' as province reopens

Some restaurants have introduced a "frais COVID," or a "COVID surcharge" on their tabs, causing uproar from patrons across La Belle Province.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz