Black history professor outs herself as not really black—'cancels' herself

Jessica Krug, a professor of African American history at George Washington University, has just outed herself as not actually being black.

James Anthony

The invention of a slur: How we got to Karen

"Karen" has been with us only a short while, but in that time, it has gone from a mild joke, the name of an annoying woman in your friend group, to a slur against white women.

Libby Emmons

Teachers don't want parents to know they're indoctrinating their kids

This simplified cuisine of critical race theory that’s being spoon-fed to kids strips them of the concept that they can determine their own future. Instead they are taught a kind of racial determinism.

Libby Emmons

The left has abandoned class concerns in favour of race essentialism

Recent left social and political analyses have foregone historical materialism for a political interpretation that relies upon a tacit form of emotional blackmail to produce consensus surrounding identity politics.

Julian Vigo

Instagram features new 'mute white people' button

Noted conservative commentator Katie Pavlich posted an image today showing the strange truth that Instagram has added a new "mute white people" sticker in its stories feature.

Libby Emmons

Michigan man charged in brutal, unprovoked assault of Macy's employee

An 18-year-old Michigan man has been charged in a brutal assault in a Flint, Michigan Macy's department store that went viral on Twitter.

Barrett Wilson

Wendy Mesley disciplined by CBC News for using the N-word

CBC News has disciplined news host Wendy Mesley. An internal investigation found that she used offensive language "on two separate occasions during editorial meetings."

Barrett Wilson

Race-baiting grifter Shaun King calls for destruction of churches and statues of Jesus

"Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down," said King. "They are a form of white supremacy, and always have been."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Brutal assault over 'racial slur' in Macy's was unprovoked, investigation finds

A video of a man beating another man in a Flint, Michigan Macy's store that went viral on social media was widely claimed to be racially motivated, but it was not.

Libby Emmons

Wendy Mesley removed as host of her CBC show for using a word that no one 'should ever use'

Wendy Mesley was removed from her position as CBC host today after she said a word while preparing for an episode on Black Lives Matter that she admits she ought not have used.

Libby Emmons

Mainstream media glosses over the deaths of Black women

Unarmed white males and Black males have about the same odds of being fatally shot by police.

Kristen Monique

Joe Biden can't 'heal racial wounds'—he helped create them

Joe Biden has tried to pitch himself as the answer to America’s race problem. But it’s hard to see how voters can trust Biden to fix racial inequities he helped create.

Brad Polumbo

The Central Park Ramble incident is a tale of two Karens

How do two people, engaging in their own personal activities, end up becoming a national news story filled with universal condemnation, hatred and outrage?

Chad Felix Greene

Joe Biden played identity politics and lost big time

When individuals are grouped together into voting blocs and justice is applied collectively, a moral majority will see themselves as parental authoritarians caring for the minority.

Chad Felix Greene

Joe Biden underestimates Black voters' ability to think for themselves

What Biden said was not only condescending but just as racist as he'd likely claim any random Trump quote on race is.

Kristen Monique