Rachel Notley

Memorial for fallen police officer defaced in Edmonton

A memorial statue for an Edmonton police officer killed in the line of duty in 1990 was recently defaced by vandals.

James Anthony

Notley attacks Bunner's speech as 'illegal' simply because she disagrees with him

It’s one thing when the majority of people agree with a particular belief or opinion. It’s quite another when the government renders disagreement "illegal".

John Carpay

Premier Kenney advocates for opening up the economy, protecting seniors

There is a push to get things back to normal and the virus is being presented by the UCP as more of a threat to seniors but not so much to younger people.

Sam Edwards

Key Canadian meat supplier facing NDP attacks

An Alberta meat-processing plant is at the centre of a political storm after the CBC and Rachel Notley’s NDP attacked the plant.

Nico Johnson

Kenney wears ‘I LOVE CANADIAN OIL & GAS’ sweater to Grey Cup, causes controversy

Jason Kenney was spotted on-field wearing an “I HEART CANADIAN OIL & GAS” sweater at the 107th Grey Cup last night, hosted in Calgary.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz