The invention of a slur: How we got to Karen

"Karen" has been with us only a short while, but in that time, it has gone from a mild joke, the name of an annoying woman in your friend group, to a slur against white women.

Libby Emmons

Teachers don't want parents to know they're indoctrinating their kids

This simplified cuisine of critical race theory that’s being spoon-fed to kids strips them of the concept that they can determine their own future. Instead they are taught a kind of racial determinism.

Libby Emmons

Chicago Democrat calls to abolish history classes and history books because it leads to 'White Privilege' and 'racist society'

Chicago Rep. La Shawn Ford, a Democrat, is calling for the abolition of history classes and the removal of “current history books” because history, he says, causes White Privilege and racism.

Ian Miles Cheong

Department of Youth and Family Services implements segregation in the name of anti-racism

"Black groups" and "white groups" will meet separately and "white folx" will discuss their 400 years of oppressing people, while "black folx" will be empowered to leadership and change.

Ari Hoffman

Norwegian flag removed from bed and breakfast after locals think it's a Confederate flag

A Michigan bed and breakfast has removed their Norwegian flag after several complaints from guests and city residents who mistook it for the Confederate flag.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Poll: Most Canadians believe racism is a 'serious problem'—up 13 points from last year

According to a recent poll, a higher number of Canadians consider racism to be a more serious problem now than it was a year ago.

Sam Edwards

Protestors try to prevent arrest of man who attacked women with handsaw

A black man entered a Portland laundromat and attacked two women with a handsaw on July 17. His arrest was interrupted by Portlanders who screamed at officers.

Mia Cathell

Toronto considering four options in Dundas Street name change

The street's namesake, Henry Dundas, was a vocal obstructionist in the abolishment of slavery during his career in politics more than 200 years ago.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Segregation in the name of anti-racism advocated by Washington State

Washington State agencies are using segregation to enforce racial equity and adhere to the new social justice norms of anti-racism.

Ari Hoffman

WATCH: Man spits on woman and shouts racial slurs in Calgary park

Police are investigating an incident involving an alleged racist act in a park in Calgary.

Sam Edwards

BLM is not an equal rights movement

The BLM political organization has issued a platform of destructive and nonsensical demands that have no associated course of action other than the destruction of American society.

Libby Emmons

Taxpayer-funded group reports to UN that Canada is guilty of 'anti-China sentiment and white supremacy'

According to the report, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has failed to combat a "surge of hateful violence" that came with the pandemic.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Reparations approved in North Carolina

The Asheville City Council in North Carolina has unanimously voted to provide black residents and their descendants with reparations for slavery.

Sam Edwards

The Smithsonian spreads racist anti-whiteness message on its website

The Smithsonian Museum has determined that whiteness is a scourge that is responsible for pretty much everything unpleasant that has ever happened in the US.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Instagram removes 'mute white people' button from app after backlash

Instagram's "mute white people" button has been deleted from the social media app after widespread backlash and criticism that the sticker was racist.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz