RCMP bans pro-police 'thin blue line' symbols; officers push back

Critics of the "thin blue line" symbolism have suggested that it is divisive and out-of-touch with how many communities feel about police

Noah David Alter

Anti-mask activist arrested at Moncton airport over a 'disturbance'

The RCMP have released a statement saying that a 37-year-old Toronto area man possibly known for his anti-mask activism was arrested on Saturday for causing a disturbance.

James Anthony

Man set on fire near Campbell River, RCMP investigating

Tuesday morning at approximately 7:30am, a young man was set on fire in the area of Campbell River. He was found with severe burns on his back, is being treated and authorities are investigating.

James Anthony

BREAKING: Police raid home in Quebec relating to suspect who allegedly sent Trump ricin-laced letter

Quebec RCMP confirm that there is an ongoing police operation taking place on Vauquelin Blvd. in St-Hubert, Quebec. The operation is related to the recent contaminated letters sent to the White House.

Joe Vaughan

RCMP laid over 9,500 social distancing-related charges in four months, says StatsCan

Yesterday, Statistics Canada said the RCMP laid over 9,500 pandemic-related charges in just four months.

Joe Vaughan

WATCH: Sask. RCMP officer reassigned after video shows him entering house with axe

Saskatchewan RCMP are reviewing the actions of an officer who made his way into a home carrying an axe.

Sam Edwards

Cape Breton man facing additional charges after allegedly abducting 14-year-old girl

A 47-year-old Cape Breton man is facing additional charges after he was accused of abducting a young girl.

Sam Edwards

Four Ontario men charged for smuggling guns across Canada-US border

Four men are facing charges after guns that were allegedly smuggled into Canada were seized close to Cornwall.

Sam Edwards

Boy, 13, charged with manslaughter after shooting 10-year-old south of Edmonton

A 13-year-old boy shot and killed a 10-year-old south of Edmonton and is facing a charge of manslaughter.

Sam Edwards

Naked border jumper evades RCMP for hours during 'float chase' down BC river

A border jumper was arrested by Grand Forks RCMP after a float chase on Kettle River that lasted for hours.

Sam Edwards

12 men arrested in Surrey BC after filming TikTok video with fake guns

Twelve men were arrested in Surrey, B.C. on Tuesday after filming a social media video involving fake firearms.

Sam Edwards

Independent review into Nova Scotia shooting undertaken by provincial, federal governments

Details on the joint independent review into the Nova Scotia mass killing will be released on Thursday afternoon by the Nova Scotia and federal governments.

Sam Edwards

Nova Scotia RCMP officer faces child pornography charges, suspended with pay

Hirsch has been suspended with pay, and is set to appear in Bridgewater Provincial Court on August 12, 2020.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

BC female RCMP officer punished for sexual misconduct that occurred a decade ago

A female RCMP officer has been docked 20 days' worth of pay and 10 days' worth of annual leave as punishment following a complaint of sexual misconduct.

Quinn Patrick

BC Mountie under review by RCMP for blackface jokes

RCMP is reviewing the online behaviour of a police officer in Kamloops who made blackface jokes while receiving skincare treatment.

Sam Edwards