Reddit troll dupes Lincoln Project into believing Ben Shapiro set up an Antifa website

Infamous leftist troll Adam Rahuba created a fake Antifa recruitment site, inserting Ben Shapiro's name and Daily Wire email address into the source code and framing him as the creator. The Never-Trump group Project Lincoln then amplified the hoax on Twitter.

Mia Cathell

Former Reddit CEO says she 'knew' Ghislaine Maxwell was 'supplying underage girls for sex'

Pao, who is a lawyer by trade, attended the party in 2011, two years after Epstein had already been convicted of soliciting sex from a minor.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Big tech censors women who advocate for their right to exist

Reddit seems to want to banish women from the public square of political discussion to which even men with the most horrifying and illegal interests are considered entitled.

Erin Perse

Reddit bans over 2,000 subs, forcing users to migrate to more fringe environments like 4chan's /pol/

Within minutes of the bans, posts could be seen from Redditfugees, who are now in a position where they have to share a platform with potential white supremacists.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Man brings a llama as a date to his sister’s wedding

One woman had quite a surprise on her wedding day when her brother brought a llama as a date to her wedding, turned out in a tux for the occasion.

Quinn Patrick