Remembrance Day

Ontario politician pushes to prioritize Remembrance Day

London – Shawn Lewis, Ward 2 Coun. brought forth a motion to move the annual London Santa Claus Parade at Tuesday’s Community and Protective Services.

Quinn Patrick

Veterans monument vandalized in Toronto following Remembrance Day

This comes less than 24 hours after Remembrance Day.

Nico Johnson

Sportsnet’s firing of Don Cherry is a disgrace

Don Cherry was trying to make a point about loving our country. By giving in to the outrage mobs, Sportsnet has disgraced themselves.

Spencer Fernando

DON CHERRY: Accused of racism on Coach’s Corner for saying not enough immigrants wearing poppies

Don Cherry accused of racism for saying immigrants in Toronto don’t wear poppies and pay respects to veterans enough.

David Brook

Students suspended from Canadian high school for arguing against wearing rainbow poppy

Two teenage students have apparently been suspended from Stonewall Collegiate in Manitoba for arguing against the idea of wearing a rainbow poppy.

Anna Slatz

Over 160 Canadian flags stolen from veteran cemetery in Ontario

Residents in Windsor and across Canada are outraged after roughly 160 Canadian flags were taken from the World War I section of one of the city’s largest cemeteries.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz