Remote Learning

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3 months ago

Minors in juvenile detention not allowed to be seen or heard by teachers on remote learning calls

Teachers will be unable to hear or see their students in a virtual environment, making a chat box the only means by which students could participate in class.

Leonardo Briceno
3 months ago

Class cancelled because teacher 'living in forest'

The teacher, who has apparently absconded to the forest to avoid coronavirus, doesn't have enough internet connectivity there to do her job when the power goes out.

Libby Emmons
4 months ago

Sexual assault of first-grader live streamed to entire class during remote learning session

The girl's teacher, as well as other students, saw the 7-year-old being sexually molested during a remote learning session on Thursday.

Celine Ryan
5 months ago

Kids in remote learning are mute witnesses to their education and not active participants

Remote learning is not learning, it's just remote. When teachers don't like what's going on in the chat, or feel that kids are acting up, they can just mute them with the click of a button.

Libby Emmons
5 months ago

Lost education for America's kids is a bigger 'health crisis' than COVID-19

Dean Mazzarella, the mayor of Leominster, Mass. "has declared a public health emergency in an effort to get children back into the classroom for in-person learning." And he's not wrong.

Nicole Russell
6 months ago

COVID-19 alarmist stood to profit from lockdown with his online learning company

Tomas Pueyo predicted that 10 million Americans could have died if political and community leaders did not drive people indoors. Pueyo is the VP for an online learning company.

Collin Jones
6 months ago

School district demands that parents not observe remote learning classroom

Parents in Tennessee were surprised to receive a letter home instructing them not to observe their children's virtual lessons.

Libby Emmons
8 months ago

Seattle schools prioritize access for 'students furthest from educational justice' and 'students of color'

Per the guidelines, "students furthest from educational justice," and "students of colour" would be given priority on returning to school for face-to-face instruction.

Ari Hoffman
10 months ago

Students 'bored' and 'unmotivated' due to remote learning

The Angus Reid Institute surveyed kids aged 10 to 17 and found that 71 percent used “bored” to describe a way they’ve been feeling in recent weeks.

Sam Edwards
10 months ago

Ford government to distribute 21,000 iPads to Ontario students in need

Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced that the province has signed a recent deal with Apple to get iPads to Ontario students to facilitate remote learning.

Quinn Patrick
a year ago

Remote learning tries parents' patience

"I don't got this! I'm not a teacher; help me!" It was a plea from a mom who is worried her daughter will fall behind without the right routine. She isn't alone.

Dounia Royer

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