BC landlord removes tenants doors and windows after she falls behind on rent

A landlord in B.C. removed the doors and the majority of windows from one of his rental houses after a renter fell behind on her payments.

Sam Edwards

Democratic Socialists in NYC intend to 'cancel rent'

Leftists are now cancelling rent in the ongoing cancellation series, advocating for "community ownership" of apartment properties.

Mia Cathell

Blue Jays fly the coop on paying Toronto landlords amid pandemic

Two Toronto Blue Jays baseball players, Ryan Tellez and Mark Budzinksi are accused of not paying their rent amid the pandemic, according to CBC.

Quinn Patrick

Trudeau government's rent relief program deemed useless despite huge budget

The Trudeau government's rent relief program was so crudely designed that hardly any Canadians participated in it.

Nico Johnson

Rental prices dropping in Toronto and the GTA amid pandemic

Toronto continues to see rent prices plummet as the global pandemic slows demand among people who do not want to move for safety and financial reasons.

Sam Edwards

Rental rates three times income growth in several Canadian cities

Several mid-sized Canadian cities followed the trend of raising rental rates in January.

Sam Edwards

$22/hr wage needed to survive in a two-bedroom apartment in Canada—report

A minimum wage of $12.65 in Vancouver means one would have to work a 112-hour week to afford a two-bedroom apartment.

Siddak Ahuja