'COVID Alert' app facing criticism over download requirements

The "COVID Alert" app is facing criticism for certain download requirements after being released by the federal government on Friday.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau government's CERB payments to end this coming fall

Trudeau said more details would be unveiled in the coming weeks, noting that "sickness and carefivers benefits" would also be in place for those who catch COVID-19.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Singular focus on COVID has led to deadly unintended consequences

Our politicians' singular focus on eradicating COVID-19, to the exclusion of so many other aspects of public health is, not surprisingly, proving to be harmful.

John Carpay

BC to reopen schools full-time and in-person this fall

K-12 students in British Columbia will return to full-time, in-class learning this fall as the province moves to Stage 2 of its 5-part "Education Restart Plan."

Mia Cathell

Teachers protest in the streets yet claim they are afraid to go back to school

While teachers rage in the streets and foment rebellion through unions and leftist school boards, children are the ones who will suffer without an education this fall.

Libby Emmons

Teachers' unions say they're concerned for safety, but hold school reopening hostage to partisan demands

As we continue to grapple with the ramifications of COVID-19, teachers unions are ramping up their strategy to avoid physically reopening schools in order to enforce their partisan demands.

Nicole Russell

Local water park mysteriously prevented from reopening despite others being allowed to fully operate

After having been given permission to operate by local health officials, the state came in and shut them down, though they allowed other, government run parks, to operate.

Ari Hoffman

Ford government reports another drop in coronavirus cases

Another drop in coronavirus cases has been recorded in Ontario, with provincial health officials reporting 119 new cases on Monday.

Sam Edwards

Ford government to announce school reopening plans

The Ford government announced that the government is "finalizing the health protocols" for schools to reopen in September per a detailed plan to be released next week.

Mia Cathell

Poll: Majority of Canadian parents support masks in schools in September

A recent poll suggests that nearly two-thirds of parents believe children should be wearing masks for part of the time when they return to school.

Sam Edwards

Toronto will not enter Stage 3 of reopening this week

Senior government sources have suggested that Toronto will not enter Stage 3 of Ontario’s coronavirus reopening plan this week.

Sam Edwards

California teachers' union won't go back to school unless political conditions are met

It’s one thing for teachers to balk about reopening because they are wary they may get infected with COVID-19, it’s another to hold the county, parents, and teachers hostage to political interests.

Nicole Russell

Ford gets his first haircut after waiting for all of Ontario to enter reopening Stage 2

Ford is making his way to Windsor-Essex this morning to meet with local business owners and has waited until Stage 2 of reopening to get his haircut.

Sam Edwards

Virus immunity could disappear within months, researchers say

Experts now say that Covid-19 patients who had recovered may be susceptible to reinfection with just months. This would force governments to rethink their strategy in fighting the virus.

Collin Jones

LA closes back down, no school in fall

Governor Gavin Newsom announced that 30 counties, including many in southern California, must close a number of its facilities.

Sam Edwards