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2 days ago

Art critic says Republicanism must be "snuffed out"

Jerry Saltz tweeted, Saturday afternoon, that Republicanism was a social problem and should be "snuffed out" via repression.

Matthew Miller
3 days ago

I regret to inform you: half of America hates you

The left has unveiled their true feelings about the electorate—numbering nearly 70 million people—who voted for Trump, under the guise of concern and understanding: Don’t buy it. It’s a farce.

Nicole Russell
13 days ago

AOC: Dems need to 'take our gloves off with Republicans'

"I just really hope that it gets through to a lot of people that this idea that we can win over white voters on a civility argument is like not a reliable strategy.”

Noah David Alter
23 days ago

New study claims that LGBT Republicans are self-hating—they aren't

Being gay or transgender is not a limiting factor in political thinking, except, it seems, for those with a leftwing mindset.

Chad Felix Greene
a month ago

Top five Republican campaign ads from the 2020 election cycle

These ads are for House of Representatives, state senate, and gubernatorial races. Here the five best Republican ads from the 2020 election cycle.

Jonathan Bradley
a month ago

Republicans are ‘packing the court now’: Biden

Joe Biden commented on criticism directed at him in response to his previous statement that he would not talk about the potential Democrat strategy to add Supreme Court seats until after the election.

James Anthony
2 months ago

WATCH: Kim Klacik drops a sequel, says 'Baltimore doesn't have to vote Democrat'

Republican congressional nominee for Maryland's 7th district Kimberly Klacik exposed a "broken Baltimore" that's been abandoned by Democratic leadership and unveiled her vision in a follow-up video.

Mia Cathell
2 months ago

BLM riot damages 'worst in history' totalling over $2 BILLION

The Insurance Information Institute has compiled some pretty shocking data. According to them, property damage claims due to the riots this summer have now probably surpassed $2 billion, making them the costliest riots in US history.

James Anthony

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