Toronto police seize large cache of drugs and weapons

Toronto Metropolitan Police have made a major seizure from a North York search warrant operation, finding cash, drugs, and a fully automatic gun.

James Anthony

Coronavirus anti-body blood tests reveal 'undetected infections'

Scientists said on Thursday, that testing conducted on recently donated blood does not show significant evidence of widespread COVID-19 infection.

Sam Edwards

Scientists warn WHO that coronavirus could be airborne

In an open letter, 239 scientists from all over the world shared evidence with the WHO suggesting that people can be infected by smaller particles.

Sam Edwards

Jordan Peterson returns with epic takedown of political correctness

Jordan Peterson released a post on his website concerning the dangerous impacts political correctness is having in universities and on important research.

Sam Edwards

Experiments on monkeys suggest that antibodies offer immunity against coronavirus reinfection

Two coronavirus studies in monkeys offer encouraging evidence that surviving the virus could result in immunity from reinfection.

Collin Jones

Canadian coronavirus research under threat of state-sponsored hacking: spy agencies

Canada’s two main spy agencies say that the country’s coronavirus research is now at an “elevated level of risk” of espionage and state-sponsored hacking.

Sam Edwards

Study indicates coronavirus spread quickly during late 2019

A study involving a genetic analysis suggests that the virus spread across the world late in 2019 and has been adapting to human hosts.

Sam Edwards

Antibody discovered that prevents coronavirus from invading living cells

When tested on mice cells, the antibody 47D11 was able to bind to the protein that surrounds the coronavirus, and stop it from attaching itself, which neutralizes it.

Sam Edwards