Mass shooting in Rochester leaves 2 dead and 14 wounded

There is still no suspect in custody and it is unknown whether there are multiple suspects.

Angelo Isidorou

BLM's nightly unrest in Rochester mirrors Portland: 'They don't give us our sh*t! We shut sh*t down!'

Black Lives Matter assembled in downtown Rochester for the ninth night of civil unrest over the death of Daniel Prude, a black man who suffocated while in police custody.

Mia Cathell

BLUE FLU: Entire Rochester police leadership quits as BLM riots continue to rock city

Rochester's Police Chief La'Ron Singletary, along with his entire command staff, resigned on Tuesday in the wake of the riots following the release of body cam footage showing the arrest of Daniel Prude.

James Anthony

Black Lives Matter unveils 'white shields' tactic: use white people as meat shields

The Rochester chapter of Black Lives Matter has started to make use of their “white shields”, a human wall of white protestors surrounding the black protestors and serving as human shields, ready to take a bullet for the cause.

James Anthony

BLM rioters attack restaurant patrons—three police officers injured in Rochester NY

Protests broke out in Rochester this week over the death of Daniel Prude. Protestors disrupted traffic, injured officers, and harassed diners at an outdoor restaurant.

Libby Emmons

Statue of celebrated orator and abolitionist Frederick Douglass vandalized and toppled

A statue of Frederick Douglass was removed in Rochester, New York, for unknown reasons. The statue of the American abolitionist who had escaped enslavement had stood in Maplewood Park.

Libby Emmons