Canada’s Big Three telecom companies have two years to reduce rates by 25 percent

Bell, Rogers and Telus have two years to reduce their rates by 25 percent and the change will be enforced by the government.

Sam Edwards

Complaint against Bell and Rogers to Competition Bureau claims price-fixing of phone bills

Bell Canada and Rogers Communications Canada Inc. have had a complaint filed against him with the Competition Bureau by TekSavvy Solutions Inc.

Quinn Patrick

Phone companies required to stop scam calls in Canada

The CRTC is requiring phone companies like Bell and Rogers to block scam callers across Canada. The policy takes effect today, Dec. 19, 2019.

Sam Edwards

Canadians are avoiding Bell, Telus and Rogers by getting U.S. phone plans

Canadians are finding loopholes to avoid paying for one of the expensive domestic smart phone plans in Canada from carriers like Bell, Rogers and Telus.

Quinn Patrick

Phone company complaints up 35 percent in Canada

The number of Canadian filing complaints against the telecom companies increased by thousands this year.

Graeme Gordon

Competition Bureau says open up Big-3 cell phone carriers to regional players, win-win for consumer, infrastructure

Competition Bureau suggests changes could open door for 40 percent savings for some smart phone plans in Canada.

Jason Unrau