Rona Ambrose

Rona Ambrose won’t run in Conservative leadership race

The former intermin Conservative Party Leader Rona Ambrose has announced that she will not be running in the Conservative leadership contest.

Nico Johnson

MacKay to run for Conservative Leadership, Ambrose out

Peter MacKay is going to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. He is expected to officially announce his candidacy tonight.

Nico Johnson

Conservative Party convention postponed until November 2020, Scheer to stay on in interim

Andrew Scheer will stay on as leader until the delayed convetion is held on Nov. 14. It’s unclear what day the leadership vote will be held.

Graeme Gordon

Rona Ambrose considering Conservative leadership bid

Former Conservative politician Rona Ambrose is considering the possibility of running for the party’s leadership.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

O’Toole? Ambrose? MacKay? Who will lead the Conservative Party of Canada

Real-world experience, effective communication skills and retail politics chops are all must-have qualities for any new Conservative leader.

Jason Unrau