Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan expresses her outrage over pro-pedophilia Netflix movie 'Cuties'

McGowan was celebrated by media and fellow celebs during the #MeToo era. Will she be ignored now?

Libby Emmons

Rose McGowan calls Joe Biden a 'rapist' and the Democratic Party 'evil'

Hollywood actress Rose McGowan took to Twitter late Friday night to accuse Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden of being a rapist and the Democratic Party of housing sexual abuse.

Mia Cathell

Rose McGowan calls Joe Biden and Democrats 'monsters' and 'frauds' after the DNC

Rose McGowan posted to Twitter on Thursday night criticizing the Democrats for not creating enough change and forcing voters to turn to President Trump.

Sam Edwards

BREAKING: Rose McGowan calls for the arrest of Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew

Rose McGowan, best known for taking down sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, is now hoping that the likes of Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew are the next two prominent figures to face justice, having called for their arrest.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz