Rosemary Barton

CBC has a real conflict of interest in covering Erin O'Toole—will they do Trudeau’s bidding again?

CBC staff covering O’Toole in the election stand to lose their jobs if O’Toole wins. And this puts them in a serious conflict of interest.

Spencer Fernando

CBC attacks Scheer for breaking lockdown rules, gives Trudeau a free pass three times

Those who claim that the CBC holds an anti-tory bias have received more ammunition today after the public broadcaster ran a thinly-disguised hit piece

Nico Johnson

CBC journalist appears to celebrate news that Trudeau's Liberals are in 'majority territory' thanks to pandemic

In a bizarre tweet on Thursday, CBC journalist Rosemary Barton exclaimed "Huzzah!" in response to the news that Trudeau's Liberal Party has surged in polls due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Barrett Wilson

CBC watched by only 3% of Canadians yet funded by 100% of population

Despite the CBC's chronically uninterested audience, the crown broadcasting company routinely splashes out a fortune on underwhelming products.

Nico Johnson

CBC executive says broadcaster may allow reporters to express personal views

A top executive in the CBC has said that the outlet is considering allowing their reporters to express personal opinions about political issues.

Nico Johnson

Former Liberal health minister attacks CBC, questions their independence

CBC is used to criticism from conservatives. This time, however, even a former Liberal minister has questioned their journalistic independence.

Nico Johnson

CBC’s Rosemary Barton taken to task for biased article labelled analysis

CBC journalist Rosemary Barton has been criticized by experts for writing an ‘analysis’ piece that was based on opinion, not facts.

Nico Johnson

The CBC is broken; let’s get rid of it

It’s time for Canadian conservatives to get serious about dismantling the CBC. The public broadcaster doesn’t speak for everyday Canadians.

Nico Johnson

Eight times CBC’s Rosemary Barton showed bias for the Liberals

Since Rosemary Barton has been moved to CBC’s chief political correspondent, let’s recount some of the times she was incredibly biased for the Liberals.

Graeme Gordon

Rosemary Barton dropped from CBC’s The National, format scrapped

The CBC is scrapping its flagship program The National’s new format, citing declining ratings since the revamp. Rosemary Barton will no longer be an anchor.

Graeme Gordon

CBC branded itself Liberal this election

Why would CBC have such a fealty for Trudeau? The state broadcaster’s annual $1.1 billion federal subsidy might have something to do with it.

Graeme Gordon

The plot to keep Justin Trudeau in power—even if he loses

So what makes Justin Trudeau so special? Why are his supporters and so-called journalists acting like he has a right to cling to power even after losing?

Graeme Gordon

Rosemary Barton being removed as applicant in CBC’s lawsuit against CPC, still covering election

The CBC is removing journalists from lawsuit against the Conservative Party of Canada in statement released Saturday, spokesperson says Rosemary Barton will continue coving election.

Graeme Gordon

CBC and Rosemary Barton are suing Conservative Party of Canada for copyright infringement

The CBC and The National host Rosemary Barton are suing the Conservative Party of Canada for copyright infringement over the CBC clips used on its “Not as Advertised” website attacking Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and for using CBC debate clips on the CPC Twitter feed.

Graeme Gordon