Rudy Giuliani

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3 days ago

Trump's legal team distances itself from Sidney Powell in new statement

President Donald Trump's legal team issued a statement, Sunday, distancing itself from attorney Sidney Powell,

Matthew Miller
4 days ago

BREAKING: Obama-appointed judge dismisses Trump's Pennsylvania lawsuit, stating it lacks compelling legal argument

A federal judge overseeing the Trump campaign’s Pennsylvania lawsuit by Rudy Giuliani has dismissed it from court, stating he would not take away the vote “of even a single person.”

Ian Miles Cheong
6 days ago

BREAKING: Trump lawyers allege massive fraud in major press conference

Rudy Giuliani and the Trump campaign held a press conference on Thursday afternoon bringing forth a detailing of their exhaustive evidence of voter-fraud and irregularities.

Libby Emmons
20 days ago

Rudy Giuliani announces legal fight over alleged ballot fraud

The Trump campaign claims that they have won the state of Pennsylvania and enough states to get the necessary 270 electoral votes.

The Post Millennial
a month ago

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, other major figures, duped by yet another hoax targeting Rudy Giuliani

Verified left-wing journalists on Twitter were duped by fabricated text messages devised by a college student allegedly sent to President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Mia Cathell
a month ago

Liberal media and social media platforms promote vile 'underage sex' hoax targeting Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani

Despite there being very little to the story, and the allegations of Guiliani being involved in some kind of underage sex scandal, Twitter allowed the hoax to trend.

Libby Emmons
a month ago

Multiple sources claim Hunter Biden's hard drive contains child pornography

Lauren Witzke, Senate candidate in Delaware, said that the source she spoke to at the police had "CONFIRMED that the laptop contained child pornography."

Libby Emmons
a month ago

BREAKING: Guiliani turns over Hunter Biden's hard drive to police over photos of underage girls and illicit texts

Rudy Guiliani said that he turned the contents of the alleged Hunter Biden laptop over to Delaware State Police as it contained photos of underage girls and explicit text messages.

Libby Emmons
3 months ago

Associated Press issues erroneous 'fact check' saying there is 'no evidence' of Antifa, BLM violence

32 people have died during "mostly peaceful" protests following the death of George Floyd.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

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