Russian COVID-19 nurse who was 'too hot' for clothes beneath sheer PPE has a new gig as a weather presenter

The half-naked Russian nurse who wore a transparent gown with only lingerie underneath to work is now a TV weather presenter.

Mia Cathell

Russians voted yes on collection of 200 constitutional amendments, including same-sex marriage and Putin's rule

The referendum included over 200 constitutional amendments, and the way the ballot was formulated, it asked for a yes or no vote across the board.

Jonathan Bradley

New report reveals that Schiff was briefed on Russian 'bounty' intelligence in February

The Federalist’s Sean Davis and Mollie Hemingway have uncovered new evidence revealing that since February, Rep. Adam Schiff has known of the intelligence suggesting that Russia offered bounties to the Taliban.

Mia Cathell

EU to bar US travellers from entry despite reopening measures

European Union countries are preparing to restrict entry to Americans, due to the failure of the United States to handle the pandemic.

Sam Edwards

NHL legend Pavel Datsyuk 'holed up' at Russian monastery with coronavirus conspiracy theorist priest

Former NHL Player Pavel Datsyuk is allegedly hiding out in a Russian monastery along with a priest who believes coronavirus is a conspiracy.

Sam Edwards

Rod Rosenstein admits Russians tried to interfere with elections with no American collusion

"Russians committed crimes seeking to influence the election and Americans did not conspire with them."

Sam Edwards

US withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty presents difficult decision for Canada

Washington's potential withdrawal from a so-called confidence-building international treaty that allows member nations to conduct observation flights over each other's territory is set to present Canada with a difficult strategic challenge, according to one Canadian defense expert.

Collin Jones

Nurse in coronavirus ward disciplined for wearing nothing under see-through gown

A nurse in Russia has been disciplined for wearing only lingerie beneath her transparent protective gown while working on an all-male coronavirus ward.

Quinn Patrick

VE Day celebrations mark 75th anniversary of Nazi surrender

Today marks the 75th anniversary of VE-Day, the day that Nazi Germany surrendered to the allies in Europe. This year's celebrations are hampered by stay-at-home restrictions.

Quinn Patrick

PM Johnson given oxygen support, spends night in intensive care

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spent the night in intensive care after coronavirus symptoms worsened, Sky News reports.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

The next nuclear arms race is here and the US is behind

Move over normal nukes, and hello hypersonic weapons.

Ali Taghva

Russia banned from 2020 Olympics and more due to doping

The nation will be banned for four years.

Ali Taghva

Former CSIS leader says Canada needs to see Russia and China as ‘adversaries’

Former CSIS head stated that Canada needs to be more cautious of Russian and Chinese influence.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Man lobs cat at policeman, goes to jail

A Russian man has been arrested for throwing a cat at a policeman after an altercation started between the two parties.

Nico Johnson

WATCH: Russian circus bear mauls its handler

A 660 pound, Russian circus bear viciously savaged its handler, before turning its attention towards the terrified audience.

Nico Johnson