Ryerson University

EXPOSED: Overpaid radical propagandist professors are plaguing Ontario universities

It is time that we stop paying six figure salaries to these destructive professors who prioritize feelings over facts and encourage students to be irrational.

Jonathan Bradley

Remove all equity, diversity, and inclusion offices at Canadian universities

An event at Ryerson University had a speaker telling students “The RCMP is the KKK” and Canadians near Wet-suwet’en are “racist, genocidal maniacs”.

Jonathan Bradley

New Ryerson student union president connected to previous scandal

The new president of the Ryerson Students’ Union is connected to the previous expense scandal at the RSU.

Jonathan Bradley

Radical feminist professor indoctrinates students at Ryerson University

Kelly Train is not a teacher. She’s a conduit for feminist doctrine. In spite of her lack of professionalism and lack of accreditation, she earns $185,000.

Barbara Kay

Ryerson student union breaks promise to conduct forensic audit

The Ryerson student union has failed to fulfill its promise to execute a forensic audit, which will make it more difficult to file charges against former members.

Jonathan Bradley

Ryerson Student Union suing Ryerson University

The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) announced that they have filed a legal claim against Ryerson University in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice last Tuesday.

Jonathan Bradley

Ryerson University ends 34 year relationship with student union amid more scandal

Members of Ryersons’ Student Union are facing questions about lack of financial transparency after former members last year were busted mispending money.

Jonathan Bradley

Ryerson Students’ Union president accused of another ‘corruption’ scandal

The Ryerson Students’ Union president is accused of not being tansparent with the org’s spending despite promising to do so after last year’s scandal.

Jonathan Bradley

Can Canadian student unions be fixed?

Student unions across the country have faced expense and harassment scandals. It’s time they had more accountability.

Jonathan Bradley

Ryerson University reduces road-salt to make campus “#LessSalty”

Over the last year, Ryerson has been getting less salty.

Ali Taghva