Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia agrees to let Israel, UAE use its airspace

Saudi Arabia has entered into an agreement with the United Arab Emirates and Israel, allowing all flights to pass through its airspace, partly due to the efforts of the US government.

James Anthony

Saudi Prince sent assassins to Canada to kill intel official, lawsuit alleges

The 106-page unproven document claims that bin Salman coordinated the attempt to kill Saad Aljabri, a former top intelligence official.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Saudi Arabia sentences record number of people to death

Saudi Arabia has sentenced a record number of its citizens to death in 2019.

Nico Johnson

Twitter removed nearly 6,000 Saudi-backed accounts for platform manipulation

Twitter Inc said on Friday it has removed 5929 accounts for being part of a state-backed information operation from Saudi Arabia.

Ali Taghva

Saudi Aramco hits $2 trillion valuation

The world’s largest and most efficient oil producer has continued to gain in the stock market.

Ali Taghva

UN unable to “confirm Iranian involvement’ in Saudi Arabia oil attack

The drone and cruise missile attacks on Saudi oil facilities in September cannot so far be confirmed to have originated from Iran, according to a UN report.

Ali Taghva

Saudi Arabia still owes Canada $3.4 billion in late payments for Canadian LAVs

Saudi Arabia still owes Canadian company $3.4 billion in late payments for Light Armored Vehicles (LAVs).

Dylan Gibbons

Thousands of American troops sent to Saudi Arabia

According to the Pentagon, thousands of U.S. troops including fighter squadrons, and air defence systems will be deployed to Saudi Arabia in order to ward off further aggression from Iran.

Ali Taghva

Energy prices spike after attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia

EnPro’s Roger McKnight says that gas prices may go up by three to four percent by Wednesday. However, he added that Canadians are fortunate that many retailers recently switched to the winter blend of gasoline, which is cheaper to produce. Thus, it is likely the rise in prices will be temporary.

Dylan Gibbons

Trudeau still hasn’t given an update on the Saudi arms deal

Justin Trudeau still hasn’t updated Canadians on the multi-billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Now, he faces pressure from numerous civil society groups to act.

Siddak Ahuja