BREAKING: Trudeau Liberals and NDP vote unanimously to kill WE Scandal investigations

The Liberal and NDP members of a House of Commons committee voted on Tuesday to deny another attempt by the committee's Conservative members to get to the bottom of the WE Charity Scandal.

James Anthony

Bill Morneau charged taxpayers over $80,000 for pre-pandemic travel to Saudi Arabia

Former finance minister Bill Morneau reportedly charged taxpayers over $80,000 for travel prior to the pandemic.

Sam Edwards

WATCH: Poilievre rips Trudeau for attempted cover up, blacked out WE Charity documents

Many of the pages had information that was completely redacted. These blacked out documents include emails between the Kielburgers, former Finance Minister Bill Morneau, and other government officials in the PMO.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Saskatchewan stepping away from $260K WE Charity contract

Saskatchewan is now stepping away from a $260,000 WE Charity contract following amid the charities ongoing scandal.

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POLL: Canadians don't believe WE scandal will bring down Trudeau government despite six point decline in approval

Half of Canadians said that, in the last month, their opinion on Prime Minister Trudeau has worsened.

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Canadians are remembering why Justin Trudeau was so unpopular

Trudeau’s ethical problems, arrogance, refusal to listen to differing viewpoints, and demonizing of Canadians who oppose him all contributed to his status as an unpopular political figure.

Spencer Fernando

Talent agency ordered to detail all speaking fees paid to Trudeau family

A talent agency in Toronto has to yield records by July 29 detailing fees that have been paid to Trudeau family members for speaking at events.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau called out by students over WE scandal: 'This is unacceptable'

The Trudeau Liberals have been called on by students to desert their volunteer program and use the $900 million in funding for further student supports.

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$912 million Trudeau government contract went to real estate holding foundation for WE Charity

Trudeau’s government granted the student volunteer program contract worth $912 million to a foundation that was just given charity status last year.

Sam Edwards

WE Charity founders to appear before Commons committee

Marc and Craig Kielburger—the founders of WE Charity—are set to make an appearance next week in front of the House of Commons finance committee.

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Former parliamentary watchdog says Trudeau has 'blind spot' on ethics

Former Parliamentary watchdog Mary Dawson says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau might have a "blind spot" on ethical matters.

Sam Edwards

Finance Minister Bill Morneau has links to controversial WE Charity

It has come to light that another member of the Liberal government has family ties to the controversial WE Charity.

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Twitter RIPS Trudeau over WE charity scandal

Canadians are sharing strong opinions on Trudeau's current scandal involving WE Charity as the Prime Minister is investigated by the ethic commissioner.

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The Trudeau Bank of China Scandal explained in 7 Minutes

With all of the articles about our foreign minister’s Bank of China dealings its hard to understand what’s going on.

The Post Millennial

NBC News being investigated by NY AG over sexual assault claims

NBC News is being looked into for claims of sexual assault as well as discrimination.

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