Realtor and son of former Democrat lawmaker charged over Antifa firebombings and assault

Danielle Elizabeth McMillan and Jacob Bennet Greenburg are accused of carrying out a firebomb attack on Seattle Police in Antifa riots.

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REVEALED: Seattle police officers quit force, slam 'socialist city council and their political agenda'

Asked what they enjoyed least about their job at SPD, an officer stated, "The total lack of respect and support from the city council and the mayor."

Ari Hoffman

Seattle residents cleared to sue city over occupied zone disaster

A US District Court judge decided that a class-action lawsuit against the City of Seattle on behalf of resident and business owners would be allowed to proceed despite the city's objections.

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Former Democratic lawmaker's son charged in planning attacks on Seattle Police, striking officer with a bat

Greenberg went viral last month as videos and images emerged of him assaulting police officers, including one instance where he hit an officer in the head with a bat.

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Seattle man charged with stealing police fire arms, arson of patrol car, during Seattle riot

According to federal prosecutors, Tyre Means Jr. was captured on video on May 30 lighting a paper towel and setting in the back seat of a damaged patrol car.

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Seattle police officer injured after burning lumber thrown inside patrol car

A Seattle Police Department officer was injured after a man allegedly threw a burning piece of wood inside a police cruiser while the officer was sitting inside the vehicle.

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WATCH: Antifa and pro-police protestors clash in Seattle

Antifa, local agitators, and Black Lives Matter activists disrupted the peaceful pro-police rally. The Seattle Police Department kept their distance.

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Seattle pays artists to paint anti-cop street mural

Chai Marsalis Adera who goes by the alias Future Crystals, inserted anti-police messages into the mural.

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REVEALED: BLM organizer lives posh lifestyle, father works for city of Seattle

The leader of a Seattle BLM activist group which has been shutting down freeways and causing civil unrest, lives a posh lifestyle thanks to Seattle taxpayers and her parents.

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The media is responsible for violence against cops

Many publications falsely claimed that right-wing operatives were smearing the "mostly peaceful" effort as a form of lawless anarchy, rather than the organized protest it purported to be.

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EXCLUSIVE: Seattle's new 'street czar' once went to jail for trafficking a 16-year-old girl

Despite the fact that he was convicted for knowingly trafficking a minor, and court documents show that he took her to Phoenix to buy a new fake ID, Taylor blames Fischmann for her own sex trafficking.

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EXCLUSIVE: Pimp turned Seattle 'Street Czar' speaks out

"It's not conventional, people say what the hell is a Street Czar? Of course, you wouldn't understand you are not from the streets… that's why I fit this so perfectly."

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The return of CHAZ: Riots in Seattle lead to looting

Footage being released every minute depicts rioters looting an Amazon Store, and putting up fiery barricades on Capital Hill, possibly suggesting the return of the short lived Capital Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ.

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Lawless Seattle sees several injured in illegal car races as defunded police unable to stop unrest

It is becoming harder and harder to find a cop when you need one in Seattle. One of the reasons they may not be showing up is remaining officers are tasked with guarding the politicians who enabled the unrest.

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Family of Seattle BLM protestor who got hit and killed by car sues the city

According to the family, the suit alleges that "in response to protests against police discrimination and brutality, the SPD chose to engage in discrimination and brutality."

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