Settlement for former senator’s harassment claims will cost taxpayers $528,000

The base annual salary of a senator was $150,600 in 2019. and members may receive additional salaries in right of other offices they hold.

Elie M. Cantin-Nantel

Democrats incite fear in attempt to block Amy Coney Barrett nomination

The fact that so many Democrats spent multiple hours conjecturing about the Affordable Healthcare Act shows just how little they understand how law works.

Nicole Russell

'What does that even mean?': Senators question Trudeau's philosophy of 'taking on debt so Canadians don't have to'

“What does that even mean?" asked Senator Yonah Martin, Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Antifa militants set fires, attack police building in Portland as Democratic senators insist they don't exist

Democrats in the Senate, such as Mazie Hirono (D-HI) refused to acknowledge Antifa's existence. Last night, Antifa once again staged acts of destruction in Portland, Ore.

Libby Emmons

Canadian senators distance themselves from BLM, stand up for police officers

Canadian politicians are beginning to distance themselves from the Black Lives Matter movement and are speaking out in support of cops.

Nico Johnson

Record-breaking Trudeau government spending bills pass without scrutiny

The senate on Friday is consenting to Trudeau government legislation that will push Canada's federal debt over an eye-watering $1 trillion.

Nico Johnson

Former senator’s sexual harassment victims to be compensated with taxpayer dollars

The sexual harassment investigation of former senator Don Meredith has led to compensation for his ex-staff that will be paid for by Canadian taxpayers.

Quinn Patrick

Senators ask for anti-racism investigation into Canadian government

Government legislators suggested that the Senate should establish a committee that examines systemic racism in Canada on Tuesday.

Nico Johnson

Anti-spanking legislation is a means to undermine parental rights

It’s hard to believe this is really about spanking a child rather than a politician trying to use the state as a tool to destroy the family and turn children into puppets of the state.

Nicole Russell

Canadian Senate on alert after madman sends 'COVID-infected letters' to staff

The Canadian Senate has been put on high alert after a letter was sent to senate offices the contents of which claimed that it was covered in coronavirus.

Nico Johnson

Sen. Chuck Schumer halts bailouts to Trump businesses

Senator Chuck Schumer included a provision in the bailout to American businesses and citizens that would ensure that Trump owned enterprises owned do not receive funds.

Collin Jones

Lead climate change advocate in Senate billed $16,778 for flights

Records released yesterday show that the leading climate advocate for the Senate billed close to $17,000 last year for air travel.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau’s Senate point men resign ahead of 43rd Parliament

Two Senators announced they’re stepping down.

Jason Unrau