Conservatives SHRED California Senator who wrote law that protects pedophiles

This law allows 14-year-olds to have sex with people up to the age of 24 legally, and would avoid the older participant from ever being registered as a sex offender.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Senators ask for anti-racism investigation into Canadian government

Government legislators suggested that the Senate should establish a committee that examines systemic racism in Canada on Tuesday.

Nico Johnson

Canadian Senate on alert after madman sends 'COVID-infected letters' to staff

The Canadian Senate has been put on high alert after a letter was sent to senate offices the contents of which claimed that it was covered in coronavirus.

Nico Johnson

Trudeau-appointed senator speaks at pro-China event

A Trudeau-appointed Senator, who holds broad legislative power in the Senate, has raised some eyebrows through this more-than-friendly attitude to China.

Nico Johnson

Leader of nascent Canadian Senators Group doesn’t think Wexit’s a good idea

Conservative Senator Scott Tannas says everyone in the new group are “there to fight for Canada.”

Jason Unrau

Trudeau-appointed senator resigns from post during election

Senator André Pratte formally announced his resignation from the senate while election results are being broadcasted.

Dylan Gibbons