sexual misconduct

Toronto doctor convicted of 21 counts of drugging and sexually assaulting patients to serve rest of sentence 'in community'

Doodnaught "fondled and kissed some of [his victims] while forcing others to perform fellatio or manually masturbate him,"

Noah David Alter

Disgraced Rep. Katie Hill's Twitter account hijacked by former staff to allege further abuse

The self-described former staff of disgraced ex-Congresswoman Katie Hill hijacked her retired Twitter account to express their disappointment in the newly-announced film adaption of the "Hill throuple" scandal.

Mia Cathell

Portland Antifa 'Snack Van' owner accused by comrades of sexual 'predatory behavior'

A popular Portland Antifa activist known for distributing supplies and food at riots around the country is now being accused of “predatory behavior.”

Andy Ngo and Mia Cathell

BC female RCMP officer punished for sexual misconduct that occurred a decade ago

A female RCMP officer has been docked 20 days' worth of pay and 10 days' worth of annual leave as punishment following a complaint of sexual misconduct.

Quinn Patrick