Shaun King

Activist Shaun King calls for the doxxing of the officer who shot Jacob Blake

In his dismay over not knowing the names of those officers involved in the shooting injury of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisc., on Sunday, activist Shaun King has announced his intentions to indiscriminately dox officers in the Kenosha police force.

Collin Jones

Activist Shaun King exposes himself as a fraud yet again, will support Biden-Harris ticket

Shaun King said absolutely in 2018 that he would not be supporting Harris' or Biden's presidential campaigns. Now he's entirely and unequivocally on board.

Libby Emmons

Church vandalism runs rampant after support from race-baiting grifter Shaun King

The uptick in anti-Catholic and anti-Christian sentiment and destruction has mainstream support, including from the likes of Shaun King.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

The mob wants to destroy our churches and replace them with temples to social justice

Church communities must stand firm on their principles and values. Our statues, our culture, and our faith are worth protecting.

Peter Pischke

'I know where you live': Shaun King threatens to send killers to Georgia murder suspects' home

Shaun King posted a message on Facebook, threatening the family of those who are responsible for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery

Collin Jones

Activist Shaun King tweets praise for Antifa terrorist, later deletes it

Following the attack on an ICE detention centre in Tacoma, Washington by a 69-year-old self-proclaimed “Antifa” terrorist named Willem Van Spronson, King decided to praise the perpetrator’s actions, along with a number of other prominent left-wing activists.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz