Pedestrian hit by snowplow in Newfoundland

A pedestrian was hit by a snowplow Wednesday in Newfoundland. The accident took place close to Memorial University’s St. John’s campus.

Quinn Patrick

Winter storms causing turmoil through much of eastern Canada

Snowstorms are wreaking havoc over much of Canada today, with a heavy snowfall hitting Quebec, and similar snowsqualls in many areas of Ontario.

Nico Johnson

Extreme weather in Ontario this weekend

Southern Ontario is going to be hit by a brutal snowstorm this weekend.

Nico Johnson

WHITE CHRISTMAS: GTA will have snow for the holidays

It’s looking like it may be a white Christmas for Toronto this year

Sam Edwards

GTA weather this week is snowy, rainy and erratic

A trend of freezing rain and snow is supposed to continue for about the next three months, making for one slushy season.

Quinn Patrick

HERE COMES THE SNOW: Ontario braces for white weekend

There is a risk of heavy snow and snow squalls for a large part of Ontario on Friday,

Ali Taghva

SNOWPOCALYPSE: Alberta to FREEZE this weekend

There is severe winter weather coming to Alberta. Alongside the snow showers expected this weekend, Albertans are also going to have to suffer through 100km/h winds.

Nico Johnson

Environment Canada tells Alberta to brace for more snow

Despite a snowstorm earlier this month, Environment Canada predicts another snowstorm will descend on western and northern regions of the province, accompanied by 90 km/h winds.

Dylan Gibbons

Manitoba calls state of emergency after devastating snowstorm downs powerlines

Thousands were evacuated over the weekend as a massive snowstorm descended on Manitoba, downing powerlines and causing widespread power outages.

Dylan Gibbons

Snowfall continues in Alberta and Saskatchewan after record-breaking weekend

Multiple roads are still closed, and collisions are ongoing. The Weather Network along with other experts are telling drivers to expect winter conditions for the remainder of the day and to drive safe.

Dylan Gibbons

Collisions mount as snowstorm descends on Alberta

Weather warnings are still in place as snowplows and emergency crews try to handle the sudden and intense snowstorm underway in Alberta.

Dylan Gibbons

Parts of Alberta to receive 60+ cm of snow this weekend

Only in Canada would you get a 60 cm snowstorm before October.

Ali Taghva