60 percent of Canadian restaurants at risk of permanent closure due to COVID restrictions

According to a Canadian Survey on Business Conditions (CSBC) release, more than 60 per cent of Canada's restaurants risk having to close their doors for good by November.

Joe Vaughan

RCMP laid over 9,500 social distancing-related charges in four months, says StatsCan

Yesterday, Statistics Canada said the RCMP laid over 9,500 pandemic-related charges in just four months.

Joe Vaughan

Statistics Canada: GDP dropped 38.7 percent in Canada between April and June

Canada’s economy saw its steepest recorded decline in the second quarter amid the pandemic as non-essential businesses were forced to close down.

Sam Edwards

28 percent of retiree-aged Canadians are still working, new report finds

More than a quarter of retirees aren’t retired, says the Department of Employment.

Joe Vaughan

StatsCan: Despite 30,000 new jobs, unemployment increases by a smidge in February

Employment didn't change much for the month of February according to a new survey from Stats Can released Tuesday.

Quinn Patrick

Canada sees fastest population growth since 1971

Statistics Canada’s current demographic accounting system only goes back as far as 1971.

Ali Taghva

‘Crisis of trust’ over outdated privacy law threatens democracy and trade: Privacy Commissioner

Currently, it’s perfectly legal for Statistics Canada to access your personal banking data without your consent while Facebook outright flaunts privacy law.

Jason Unrau

StatsCan allowed to secretly take your data, even if it can’t be justified

Statistics Canada appears to be on shaky grounds when it comes to how it handles your privacy and data.

Ali Taghva

Due to the banking sector, third quarter corporate profits up: Statistics Canada

Canadian business balance sheets are in for 2019’s third quarter and most of the news is bleak.

Jason Unrau