Antifa uses its 'leaderlessness' to gaslight public and officials into believing it doesn't exist

Antifa militants claim that they are part of a leaderless movement. This gives them the plausible deniability they need to engender progressive, public support.

Libby Emmons

Ontario police call on public for information about suspect who vandalized police memorial

Ontario's Provincial Police (OPP) are searching for a suspect who defaced a memorial to police officers who died in service.

Nico Johnson

Statue of celebrated orator and abolitionist Frederick Douglass vandalized and toppled

A statue of Frederick Douglass was removed in Rochester, New York, for unknown reasons. The statue of the American abolitionist who had escaped enslavement had stood in Maplewood Park.

Libby Emmons

Christopher Columbus statues toppled by a mob of vandals in Baltimore

Protesters turned vandals tore down the statue of Christopher Columbus in Baltimore's Little Italy and dumped it into the harbour late Saturday.

Collin Jones

Barcelona mayor says Christopher Columbus statue will remain standing

Barcelona mayor Ada Colau has rejected proposals to remove the Christopher Columbus statue in the Spanish city. Calls were made by local activists to remove the monument to the Spanish explorer in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests worldwide.

Collin Jones

Violent Antifa militant arrested by FBI as 'ringleader' of attempt to topple statue of Andrew Jackson

Jason Charter was arrested in Washington by federal law enforcement; he's being called a "ringleader" of the recent attempt to destroy a statue of Andrew Jackson.

Quinn Patrick

Richmond mayor invokes emergency powers to remove statue of Stonewall Jackson

Work crews removed a statue of Stonewall Jackson on Wednesday following orders by Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney.

Ian Miles Cheong

Ontario Sir John A. Macdonald statue defaced for a SECOND TIME in one week

The statue of Macdonald had its hands painted in red paint, which is presumably an allusion to the fact that some Canadians argue that the country's first prime minister had blood on his hands.

Nico Johnson

City of Regina puts TRIGGER WARNING on statue of Sir John A. Macdonald—just in time for Canada Day

A statue of Sir John A. MacDonald in Regina's Victoria Park has become the subject of debate, prompting the City of Regina to place a plaque with a "trigger warning" on it.

Quinn Patrick

Six Christian statues beheaded in Ontario

Six statues at Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in Sudbury, Ontario were beheaded. The Greater Sudbury Police are investigating the matter.

Collin Jones

Official Democrat Twitter account posted then deleted an article suggesting Mt. Rushmore and the 4th of July are white supremacist

The Democratic party tweeted its official position against Mt. Rushmore, claiming that it is a monument to white supremacy.

Peter Pischke

WATCH: Elderly woman schools dopey counter protestor at Save Teddy Roosevelt statue rally in NYC

“You’re bigots!” The white, teen BLM protestor says. “Is that the best you’ve got, doll?” The woman responds. “Is that the best you got, baby boy?”

Libby Emmons

BREAKING: Journalist Jack Posobiec assaulted by Antifa in front of Emancipation Memorial

One America News journalist Jack Posobiec was assaulted by Antifa insurgents at the demonstration to topple the Emancipation Memorial at Lincoln Park, in Washington DC.

Ian Miles Cheong

Conservatives need to guard American history—no one else will

Trump announced that he has called upon the National Guard to provide unarmed security for national monuments in DC. They should be armed.

Nicole Russell

Kitchener politicians to leave John A. Macdonald statue doused in red paint

Local politicians in Kitchener, Ontario have said that they will not remove the red paint from a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald after it was desecrated for a second time.

Nico Johnson