Stephen Harper

EXCLUSIVE: The military ambitions of the 2020 Conservative leadership race

A critical look behind front runner platforms and a policy of military intervention that has cost billions, left thousands dead, and helped sew global instability.

Samuel Helguero

WE Charity founders attacked Prime Minister Harper on national television

In an interview on the Strombo show, the host asked the Kielburger brothers whether there is someone who deserves "a kick in the ass."

Nico Johnson

EXCLUSIVE: Into the party line of 2020’s Conservative leadership race

A critical look behind front runner platforms and the economic doctrine that may have cost billions, Canadian lives, jobs, and an energy sector spiraling out of control.

Samuel Helguero

Trudeau receives FEWER U.N. VOTES than Stephen Harper did in 2010

To the surprise of some, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper actually managed to collect more votes for his bid for the UN Security Council seat in 2010.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

WATCH: Stephen Harper reveals the truth about Canada's liberal media bias

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Dennis Prager discussed the extreme media bias in Canada, making it more difficult for conservatives to get a foothold in Canadian politics.

Collin Jones

Now would be a good time to have a serious leader like Stephen Harper in charge

At such an unstable and dangerous moment, Canada could certainly benefit from having a serious person like Harper at the helm.

Spencer Fernando

The Conservative Party of Canada must broaden its base

The Conservative Party of Canada needs to be more inclusive towards new Canadians, many of whom are naturally a good fit for the party’s core values.

William Luke

Why Justin Trudeau is already a failed PM

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a failed PM because he is behind the growing disunity boiling in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Canadians’ moods toward Trudeau government hit record lows: Study

Nanos Research’s 13-year study on the moods of Canadians found they are increasingly displeased with the Trudeau government’s performance.

Graeme Gordon

Beware of a demoralized Conservative base in Canada

The base of the Conservative Party of Canada needs to have a leader that will represents them, otherwise the party could fracture.

Spencer Fernando

Eight times CBC’s Rosemary Barton showed bias for the Liberals

Since Rosemary Barton has been moved to CBC’s chief political correspondent, let’s recount some of the times she was incredibly biased for the Liberals.

Graeme Gordon

Stephen Harper will not seek Conservative leadership: Rempel

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel said she spoke to former Prime Minister Stephen Harper about running for the Conservative leadership, and he said he won’t be running.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Federal government loses $1.4 million sending money to wrong accounts in 2012

The Receiver General, responsible for making payments for the Canadian government, lost over $1.4 million from sending money to the wrong accounts.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Stephen Harper leaves Conservative Fund board in an attempt to stop Charest

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced that he will resign from his position on the board of the Conservative Party of Canada’s fundraising arm.

Quinn Patrick

Stephen Harper named to Order of Canada

Former prime minister Stephen Harper joins film director James Cameron and Nobel Prize winner Donna Strickland in receiving the nation’s highest honour.

Jason Unrau