79 percent of Albertan Safeway employees have voted in favour of a strike

Employees of Alberta Safeway are discussing a possible strike action regarding their contract negotiations with Sobeys, according to CTV News.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

NYPD officers may be considering 'blue flu' sick out on Independence Day

Reports have surfaced of flyers being passed among New York Police Department (NYPD) members encouraging them to begin a strike on July 4.

Sam Edwards Sam Edwards

Ontario teachers go on strike, despite concessions

Ontario public high schools across the province are closed today as teachers go on strike.

Nico Johnson Nico Johnson

STRIKE: Ontario high School teachers vote ‘overwhelmingly’ for action

High school teachers in Ontario have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a strike.

Nico Johnson Nico Johnson

CN Railway gets strike notice from union

CN Railway revealed on Saturday that the Teamsters have provided notice that they plan to go on strike beginning November 19.

Ali Taghva Ali Taghva

Teachers back support worker strike, eighteen Vancouver schools close

While the district has tried to remedy the situation by increasing the wages by 6 percent over three years, there are currently no new negotiations planned.

Dylan Gibbons Dylan Gibbons

Over 50,000 Ontario education support staff go on “work-to-rule strike”

On Sunday evening, after days of last-minute contract negotiations between the Ontario government and CUPE (The Canadian Union of Public Employees), support staff in the education sector have begun their work-to-rule strike.

Dylan Gibbons Dylan Gibbons