Poll: Almost 40% of college students will protest if Trump wins

According to a new poll, 61 percent of students are willing to "confront or otherwise convey disappointment" to peers who don't vote, and 39 percent of them said they it is either "likely" or "absolutely certain" that they will protest if Trump wins the upcoming election.

James Anthony

40 editors at NYU's student newspaper quit over 'racist' advisor

The editorial staff at New York University's student newspaper is resigning after their university-appointed editorial advisor accused of "racism" was hired.

Mia Cathell

Students are throwing 'coronavirus parties' to intentionally infect each other

Students have been participating in a contest to see who among them can catch coronavirus first.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau doubles down on putting his favourite charity in charge of $900 MILLION program

Trudeau defended choosing WE Charity as the organization in charge of the federal student aid program after receiving backlash due to conflict-of-interest.

Sam Edwards

Students don't even need to be students to get big cheques from Trudeau government

Teenagers are eligible for up to $5,000 (or $8,000 if they are disabled) through Bill C-15 titled, An Act Respecting Canada Emergency Student Benefits.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Students 'bored' and 'unmotivated' due to remote learning

The Angus Reid Institute surveyed kids aged 10 to 17 and found that 71 percent used “bored” to describe a way they’ve been feeling in recent weeks.

Sam Edwards

Home school is a drag and we all hate it

For the parents of the 1.1 million school children in New York City, home school has officially begun this week. But is it feasible?

Libby Emmons