Supply Chain

Canadian-made face masks won’t be ready for second wave—Trudeau gov't turns to China

Trudeau's Department of Industry has said that Canadian-made medical masks will not be ready in time for the expected second wave of infections.

Nico Johnson

Key Canadian meat supplier facing NDP attacks

An Alberta meat-processing plant is at the centre of a political storm after the CBC and Rachel Notley’s NDP attacked the plant.

Nico Johnson

Canadian potato farmers have a glut of spuds after demand drops due to coronavirus

Potato farmers in Manitoba and PEI are facing another rough year after two years of harvest losses. Now, because of coronavirus this is looking like another tough one.

Sam Edwards

Canadian pork prices plummet due to coronavirus

Part of the problem is oversupply, which results in a drop in producer prices, and a supply chain disruption, which creates a rise in consumer prices.

Libby Emmons

Hunger rises while farmers destroy food due to US supply chain disruption

As the coronavirus crisis drags on and unemployment soars, lines at food banks across the US are lengthening.

Libby Emmons

Meat supply chain faces uncertainties due to coronavirus

Many major meat producers in North America have been forced to shut down operations as the number of employees infected with COVID-19 rockets.

Collin Jones