POLL: Oregon voters disapprove of Portland protests, call them 'mostly violent riots' and want more police force

A recent survey found that a majority of Oregon voters do not believe the Portland protests to be "mostly peaceful" and a plurality urge police to use greater force to quell the violence.

Mia Cathell

Canadians cautious about taking potential COVID-19 vaccine according to poll

A recent survey suggests if and when a coronavirus vaccine becomes available, most Canadians would get it but over one in 10 would not.

Sam Edwards

Rigged methodology of 'progressive' surveys harms LGBT youth

What is most disturbing about a new survey of LGBT youth is the methodology used in obtaining these statistics, which rely exclusively on online self-reporting.

Chad Felix Greene

POLL: 76 percent of Canadians want pause on immigration

Most Canadians want to put a hold on immigration and close borders until the threat of COVID-19 has passed and the economy recovers, according to a new poll.

Sam Edwards

Canadians agree on the severity of the coronavirus and to the extent that China is to blame

The study found that there is a cross-partisan consensus among Canadians on the virus' severity and the necessity social-distancing measures.

Quinn Patrick

POLL: Majority of Canadians say provinces should decide when to open up, not Trudeau government

Canadians don’t agree that the best way to reopen the economy is through province-wide measures.

Sam Edwards

Canadians more likely to 'snitch' than Americans when it comes to social distancing orders

People have been encouraged to “snitch” on those they see breaking the rules of self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Sam Edwards