Founder of Peace by Chocolate becomes a Canadian citizen

A Syrian refugee has become a Canadian citizen today and a celebration was held at Halifax’s Pier 21. Tareq Hadhad is the founder of Peace by Chocolate.

Quinn Patrick

Trump confirms U.S. has killed ISIS leader—’He died like a dog’

United States President Donald Trump has just confirmed during a White House press statement that Bakr al-Baghdadi died from a suicide vest detonation, taking the lives of three children with him.

Dylan Gibbons

Calgary man was asked to plot ISIS terror attack in North America

Safraz Ali, who was a former University of Calgary student moved to live in the occupied Islamic State with his wife, but he claims he was not a member of the group.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

Thousands subjected to 72 different horrific torture methods in Syria

According to the poll around eight percent of the death tolls in prisons can be attributed to these horrific causes. WANRING: Disturbing content.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

Turkey accidentally fired on US troops in Syria

Turkey’s attack against the Kurds in Syria appears to be way off-track.

Ali Taghva

Turkey begins Syria attacks, targets Kurds

Thousands of Kurds are fleeing from cities near the Turkey-Syria border, as many in northern Syria prepare the Turkish assault which has been greenlit by American President Donald Trump.

Ali Taghva

Freeland revokes appointment of Assad-supporting Syrian consul

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, has stated that the Syrian Honorary Consul in Montreal, Waseem Ramli, has had his status revoked, according to Maclean’s.

Nico Johnson