Taiwan donates 160,000 face masks to missionary's hometown in Ontario

There were 160,000 surgical face masks donated to Oxford county in Ontario by Taiwan’s MacKay Memorial Hospital and New Taipei City’s District office.

Sam Edwards

China denounces support for Taiwan from US and other WHO members

The Chinese envoy denounced support shown from the United States and other countries for Taiwan on Tuesday.

Sam Edwards

Trump punches back at China, agrees to build $12 billion Taiwanese-US plant

The Trump administration delivered a blow to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) earlier this week with the announcement that a Taiwan manufacturer will be able to build a plant in the US, which will stifle the company's ability to sell to China's Huawei.

Collin Jones

WATCH: Trudeau refuses to acknowledge Taiwan as a country, bows to China

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to acknowledge Taiwan's statehood, instead falling back on Canada's "One China Policy."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

WHO sides with China in refusal to invite Taiwan to annual summit

The World Health Organization claims it cannot invite Taiwan because of “divergent views” after China says it "deplores and opposes" inclusion of Taipei.

Sam Edwards

WATCH: Liberal minister WILL NOT acknowledge Taiwan's gift to Canada, can't even say country's name

Minister Champagne tweeted out a personal "thank you" to China on March 28, but has not yet thanked Taiwan, the democratic island nation off the coast of the hostile authoritarian regime.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Taiwan ramps up bid to join WHO with boost from Australia

Australia will offer full support in Taiwan’s return to the WHO. This comes after the WHO suppressed information on Taiwan’s coronavirus prevention efforts.

Collin Jones

Taiwan sends Canada 500,000 masks, still banned from WHO

Taiwan has sent 500,000 desperately needed surgical masks to Canada which will go to the most vulnerable Canadians and medical professionals.

Nico Johnson

TAIWAN: The WHO allowed China to profit from coronavirus

China was allowed to profit from its refusal to share honest data with the international community—actions Taiwan says were abetted by the WHO.

Ian Miles Cheong

Taiwan slams WHO’s Tedros over ‘racism’ accusations

Tedros made his remarks following criticism over the global organization’s continued blacklisting of Taiwan at the behest of the WHO’s leading patron, China.

Ian Miles Cheong

On Taiwan’s exclusion from the World Health Organization

China needs to stop playing politics and allow Taiwan to be part of the World Health Organization so there is a safer coordinated international response.

Garnett Genuis

China angry over Stephen Harper’s visit to Taiwan

China has issued an angry statement over Stephen Harper’s recent visit to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

Dylan Gibbons