An Ontario educator knows what’s at stake in teachers’ strike

Teaching is like mountain climbing. It take preparation, hard work, and dedication to earn a good contract. It doesn’t just come with the job.

Jena Oxenham

Winnipeg teacher charged with sexual assault of student

Winnipeg police have charged a 27-year-old female teacher with sexual eploitation, sexual assault and supplying liquor to a minor on Thursday.

Quinn Patrick

Toronto private schools ask children to stay home after coronavirus threat

Two private schools in the Greater Toronto Area have made it aware that some parents were on the same flight as the the Ontario patient who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus

Nico Johnson

American teacher follows in Trudeau’s footsteps, does blackface

A teacher who wore a blackface costume to Halloween has been suspended from the school he teaches at in California.

Nico Johnson

Teachers back support worker strike, eighteen Vancouver schools close

While the district has tried to remedy the situation by increasing the wages by 6 percent over three years, there are currently no new negotiations planned.

Dylan Gibbons

Ontario school boards to close schools on Monday if teachers strike

According to the union, 55,000 school employees are ready to strike on October 7th if their demands aren’t met.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

Over 50,000 Ontario education support staff go on “work-to-rule strike”

On Sunday evening, after days of last-minute contract negotiations between the Ontario government and CUPE (The Canadian Union of Public Employees), support staff in the education sector have begun their work-to-rule strike.

Dylan Gibbons