Teachers Strike

Ford government signs new 3-year contract with teachers' union

The Ford government and Ontario's public high school teachers have signed a new three-year contract that will be put to a ratification vote in May.

Quinn Patrick

An Ontario educator knows what’s at stake in teachers’ strike

Teaching is like mountain climbing. It take preparation, hard work, and dedication to earn a good contract. It doesn’t just come with the job.

Jena Oxenham

Ontario French and Catholic school boards to join strike despite recent concessions

Ontario teachers in the French and English Catholic school systems say they’re planning a walk out from all schools in their respective boards.

Quinn Patrick

An Ontario teacher’s response to those thinking they have it made

I read a piece in The Post Millennial that completely misunderstood the situation for many teachers in Ontario and why we are on strike.

Jenna Hutchison

MILLIONS of Ontario kids out of the classroom as public teachers strike

Ontario’s first ever provincewide public school teachers’ strikes began Friday, leaving two million studnets out of the classrooms.

Quinn Patrick

Ontario teachers need to realize how great they have it

Teachers in Ontario have it made. They get an incredible amount of holidays, high salary, generous benefits and a gold-plated pension. Stop complaining.

Jonathan Bradley

Ontario public schools to shut down starting Feb. 21 due to teacher strikes

The four largest education unions in Ontario are planning on striking starting Feb. 1—a shutdown that will cause a full shut down of Ontario’s education system.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Toronto is packed with striking teachers after breakdown in talks

Downtown Toronto is packed with striking teachers today after elementary teachers went on strike across the province.

Nico Johnson

ONTARIO TEACHER STRIKE: 7 facts you NEED to know

Seven facts the mainstream media aren’t telling Ontarians about the teachers’ strikes. Teachers in Ontario have it pretty good.

Nico Johnson

Striking Ontario teachers REFUSE to send report cards to parents

Striking elementary teachers in Ontario are refusing to produce the normal reports cards or send them to parents, due to the ongoing work-to-rule action.

Nico Johnson

Ford government announces rebates up to $60/day for parents during teacher strikes

The Doug Ford government has released its eligibility outline for daycare support during the impending Ontario teacher strikes.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Ontario high school teachers’ union spent $352,975 in Facebook ads since June

The union president said if the Ford government didn’t scrap cap and trade they could afford their demands.

Graeme Gordon

Ontario high school teachers planning to strike next Wednesday

It would be a one-day strike, and can be avoided should a tentative deal be signed before hand.

Ali Taghva